Training the Trainers 1: Unconditional Love

29th March 2017  /  leadership roundtable

On March 30, 2017, Dr Violet Lo, the Honourable Principal of Dagang High School, held the first session of the ” Training the Trainers Leadership Roundtable” at the Global Inclusive Leadership Centre.

By way of introduction, Dr Lo began with the meaning and significance of leadership. She discussed the qualities of leadership with group members. Dr Lo then led the group for a session of the Roundtable. She introduced the Roundtable procedures including perspective, reflection, evaluation, and action and moved on to the first session of the Roundtable entitled “Unconditional Love”.

The session was held in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. The teachers freely discussed with Dr Lo and learned a great deal and the significance and implications of unconditional love as well as the essence and proceedings of the Roundtable. They appreciated Dr Lo’s ideas and will be turning what they learned into action in their work and everyday life.

The session last for one and a half hours. A group of nine teachers attended the session. It is understood that the session tonight is to be followed by further seven sessions.