experience of maths challenge

30th May 2016  /  life upon life

This is my first time to take part in such a math challenge, I feel very honored to have such an attempt.In the course of the game, the eight of us were inspired by the collision, the crystallization of CO cast a model, one is not the best, but gave us a lot of energy. We had a dispute over the course of the process, but in the end we understand that this work needs us everyone so we strive to meet the needs of everyone. Finally, our model is very successful. Everyone is so happy that we applaud. Although we have not achieved any success and a little bit lost, we are enjoying the chance to create a good atmosphere.From this, we know that it is very necessary for everyone to get together to get better results. We not only need to be in touch with different people, but also make us become a better person step by step刘颖