Maths challenge

30th May 2016  /  life upon life

Recently attended a math challenge to open up a fresh outlook, which is different from the past is a foreign organization.This is not just a mathematical contest, which also contains the knowledge of physics, mathematics and other aspects.We were just beginning to encounter a mathematical problem, in our witty answer to a very successful through the first pass,The next level is still a bit difficult, but in our cooperation, through the unremitting efforts to solve them.In the last lap tower link we after a difficult. Finally, take the a tower, although ugly but, after all, is the crystallization of the wisdom of our.We have failed in the examination of the link, failed to get the desired results.Although we failed but the next time we will treat the game in a more rigorous manner, strive for greater success.Thank you, Kevin gives us a chance to experience the power of team cooperation and the charm of science.刘霄Xiao Liu