Time Does Not Spread 时光不散 

30th May 2016  /  life upon life

尽管下个月们就将分离,我们仍能享受这段奇妙的数学比赛。这是我们几人第一次参加的比赛,我们尝试许多许多数不清方法,虽然失败了很多次,烦恼了许多回,我们仍坚持,团结一致。最后终于完成了,即使他可能不是最好的,但他绝度是我们最满意最骄傲的作品,因为它We can still enjoy this wonderful math contest even though we will be separated next month. This is our first time to participate in the game, we have tried many many many methods, although failed many times, troubles many times, we still insist on unity. Finally finished, even though he may not be the best, but he is the most satisfied with the most proud of our work, because it臧杰(Aimer)