Reward from Inclusive Leadership 容领收获 

30th May 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

Any attempt is so amazing! It is meaningful to me to join the activity held by Kevin who have high EQ and IQ. We learn the meaning of teamwork, partly "process is more important". The result may not be as you think if you care a lot about success. "Enjoy it." To build a bridge, design and make it. The simple bridge can hold so many weight including our friendship. Echo

任何一次尝试都是如此“amazing!”这学年能有幸与 Kevin 老师这样的高双商人士一起进行一次活动,对我来说意义非凡!我们懂得了团队合作的意义,某种意义上说 “process is more important", 太在意输赢的结果往往不尽人意,“Enjoy it!" 设计桥梁,绘图,最后拼接而成,最简单的桥能承载许多东西,包括咱们的友谊。