Cooperation in the challenge 挑战中的合作之力 

30th May 2016  /  life upon life

I heard a story: There was a person dressed like a magician came to the village, and he said to a woman who came up: "I have a soup stone. It can make delicious soup if you put it in boiling water. I will cook for you." At that time, someone picked up a big pot, someone bought a bucket of water, then they made them together and cooked in the playground. The stranger put the soup stone to the boiling pot carefully and tasted in a spoon, said excitedly "It is delicious. It will be better if add some onion." Immediately someone rushed to bring some from home. The stranger had a taste again: "How wonderful! It will be more delicious if add some meat." Another woman rushed to bring a plate of meat. "It will be best with more vegetable." The stranger suggested again. Someone brought salt, someone brought soy sauce and someone brought other materials under his command. They found it was the best soup in the world when they enjoyed it. It was just a stone picked up from roadside. In fact, everyone can cook so delicious soup if we are willing. 

When you give your power and work together, soup stone is in our heart. I realized the importance of cooperation in these challenges. Each cooperation made us closed to success. Maybe we have quarrels or different thoughts during the process, but at last we will give up and find the best way, then divide us and cooperate, finally we go to the podium. The achievement belongs to each of us. It won't succeed loss of anyone of us.

许运 Yun Xu

我听过这样一个故事:有一个装扮像魔术师的人来到一个村庄,他向迎面而来的妇人说: 「我有一颗汤石,如果将他放入烧开的水中,会立刻变出美味的汤来, 我现在就煮给大家喝。」 这时,有人就找了一个大锅子,也有人提了一桶水,并且架上炉子和木材, 就在广场煮了起来。 这个陌生人很小心的把汤石放入滚烫的锅中,然后用汤匙尝了一口,很兴奋的说: 太美味了,如果再加入一点洋葱就更好了。」立刻有人冲回家拿了一推洋葱。 陌生人又尝一口:「太棒了,如果再放些肉片就更香了。」 又一个妇人快速回家端了一盘肉来。 「再有一些蔬菜就完美无缺了。」陌生人又建议道。 在陌生人的指挥下,有人拿了盐,有人拿了酱油,也有人捧了其它材料, 当大家一人一碗蹲在那里享用时,他们发现这真是天底下最美味好喝的汤。 默想: 那不过是陌生人在路边随手捡到的一颗石头。其实只要我们愿意, 每个人都可以煮出一锅如此美味的汤。当你贡献自己的一份力量时, 众志成城,汤石就在每个人的心中。在这几次的挑战中,我充分认识到了合作有多重要。小伙伴的一次次合作,让我们步步走向成功。过程中或许有争执,或许有各自的想法不一,但最后我们会选择妥协,认真的找出最可行的方法,然后明确的分工,合作,最终一起站到领奖台,那是我们每一个人的成果,缺谁都不行。