Nanjing National School teaches me 南京国际学校教会我的

30th May 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

I never thought I can get in touch with so many high school students all over the world. I talked and cooperated with them. "Inclusive business challenge" gives me the chance. I saw many girls dressed in shirt rade to the school when I entered the gate in the international school. Their faces were full of smile, their gold hair flied in wind, how beautiful and individuality. I sighed their youth and vitality. Go ahead, I saw many children were climbing in the playground, and they were saying something I can understand and not. I was so exciting to recognize who come from Korea, who come from Japan and who come from Thailand. There are so many countries students in the school! We were amazing at dazzling array of food at the beginning of "open day". Every country has its own shop and they were busy in sending gifts. I remembered I wanted to stick a national flag on my face in front of Korea's shop, but I made a mistake. One girl found it and she was very anxious, but she had no choice because of loss of the flag. She kept apologizing to me which made me freaked. I smiled to her and said doesn't matter. She smiled again finally. I learned a few Thai from active shopkeeper in the Thailand shop. He kept giving us thumbs up to encourage us in smile. I realized how charming language is. Friendship are no national boundaries.  Let me take your hand and build the bridge.

徐静逸 Jingyi Xu