Impact and blend of culture 文化的冲击与交融 

30th May 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

At the beginning of the semester, my school held an activity--Inclusive Business Challenge. After that, my school held many activities like that. I learn a lot and broaden my horizons through them. These are my feeling in below: What's your response when you meet foreigner first? My answer is "How can this happen?" How incredible! But they who should appear on TV appear in front of us. After I get in touch with them and talk with them many times, I change myself--how marvelous the outside world. The important feeling I get is the knowledge of culture and social.

We know Chinese culture since we are young, it is just to control yourself, be polite and kind. But western culture is the same. The advocate of "famous" people is to give back, be thankful and sacrifice to the society. Some of them are engaged in entertainment, some are engaged in culture, or other ways to affect the world. Then I make a decision: I will follow their example and I will give back to the society. The essence of the similarity between Chinese and Western culture is consensus and blend of culture. Then, why does this happen? Let's discuss it. The essence of humanity all around the world is the same. For example, Confucius in China said "Man's nature at birth is good." And Western has the same. What's the meaning "Man's nature at birth is good"? It's to give back to the society. After that, we need to take actions. I will keep and practice it in the future, no matter where I will go. This is all I learn. Thanks.

Jie Tang