Global Inclusive Leadership From Success to Significance 容领挑战:从成功到回归社会 

15th June 2016  /  life upon life

In the evening of 5th September, our team and four classes from Grade 1 and Grade 3 attended a lecture about Global Inclusive Leadership. During the following two hours, we chatted with five successful people and played an interesting game like “You Ask and I Answer" with them. It was David Liu who impressed me most among the five people. David is a director involved in producing the Expo’s Trailer. He shared us the videos he produced. Though we did not have enough time to watch the whole video, we still love his videos very much. He also told us what happened when he visited his ideal school. We learned to be hard-working and hopeful from him. What an excellent man he is. The sentence which moved me most is that: Every choice you made will be a part of your life.

Qinglei Xia