Seek A Dream 逐梦

15th June 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

In this campaign, what impressed me most was David Liu. At first, I was fond of movies and cartoon. Secondly, he was very humorous. Finally, he was the only one who spoke Chinese during the whole campaign. From his experience that how he was admitted to his dream university, I learnt that if we want dreams to come true, we must step bravely. The storm which had never appeared for seventy years happened to him. The heavy snow in the street did not stop him seeking a dream. If he did not dare to make the first step, he may not be successful. And the last person also impressed me. It reminded me of the Obama's speech concerning responsibility and education, which are important for our future. In China, we write our own destiny.

时晨蝶Chendie Shi