The Story of Love 爱的故事 

28th June 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

Recently I am upset because I am worried about my nephew’s learning situation. My nephew is a senior this year in a middle school which is located in the town and has good graduation rates, but he was dropped home 10 days after beginning class. Sister stated to me all what happened on the phone, almost with tears–the teacher head said her child was later for class due to head-washing in the morning (in fact he washed last night). School has a rule prohibiting playing basketball at noon but he ignored. He played alone in the playground and kept on playing even if the teacher came near to him. Actually I well know my nephew--I see him growing up slowly and know he is as kind and honest as children from the village, but he is also rebellious at his age. He has ever fought for the intimate male friends and it should be ok for him to keep exam scores top five in the class. 

Even though forced to leave school, he does everything without any regret. On summer vacation he promises me to pursue famous 211 university but played the game once get home. Furthermore, he is so indifferent to his own parents that his mother smashed computer furiously and then he slammed the door. The family atmosphere turns in a mess. I well understand all his mother’s pains and sense of helplessness. However, after repentance, I find that I am prejudged at that issue and gradually deeply understand him. Washing head only shows he takes much attention on appearance but without disciplined mistakes. Washing again in the next morning perhaps because hairstyle is not charming enough after one night. Playing basketball at noon may because he is not satisfactory to headteacher’s misunderstanding and criticism. And keeping on playing is possibly a kind of silent protest. This time, so fierce protest is a collective performance. Obviously the teacher doesn’t solve the problem by dropping him home, and neither are my sister and brother-in-law. 

At the thought of this, I can not help bursting a cold sweat because I made such mistake as the headteacher, dropping students home and saying to students’ parents “Do not come back class without any repentance.” As a matter of fact, I overlooked one fact that the parents may not solve the problem and perhaps the whole family loses in great pains. After meditation, I suggest Sister to understand her son because the studying assignment is so hard and high pressured for a senior and perhaps he will be punished by a teacher when mistakes are made. It is not likely that rebellious children under huge pressure will be mature to deal with problems. It is also easy for us to understand he is repressed under multiple pressures when sitting in the classroom and meanwhile he can not express his meaning when faced with closest parents. Gradually he fails to find a harbor to protect his soul. 

In sum, the best solution is help him to find out the reasons behind it and then overcome. I know my nephew is not good at English and Biology, then I share my ways to learning, encourage him to ask the teacher more, and persuade his mother to look for a teacher to make up a missed lesson, help him to alleviate the pressure of learning. After a period of time, I feel his eagerness to learning and his gentle attitude to learning when on the phone conversation. To change the teacher in charge of you from the beginning of the improve your grades, I said to him, "If you want to change teacher’s attitude to you, should begin from improving yr scores . You should prove that you are a good student but not necessary to show you never make mistakes." On the other hand, I get more understanding on “love” of the teaching profession.许映峰 Yingfeng Xu