17th October 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

Dear readers, 

It's an honor to share my story with you. In this activity, I was a performer and volunteer. During the practice time, I had to cram onto a bus and walk under the burning sun, but working with strangers and friends made me only remember the laughter and happiness. Therefore, I am very grateful that this team and the teachers gave me the chance to enrich my summer vacation and helped me to gain a lot. I thank them very much! Among them, I was so impressed by a woman. In the reception of foreign guests, I felt lucky to communicate with her. She asked me: "Do you have any hopes through taking part in this activity?" 

"I hope to improve my English and to be more confident," I replied. 

She said with a smile: "You have already achieved the two goals. You need to have more hope!"

Then we could only say goodbye in a hurry. On my way home, I had been thinking about whether I had any other hopes. Now my answer is "Yes." If someone asks me about my hopes, I will tell them firmly and seriously: "My small hope is to improve my English and to be more confident. My big hope is to fill the surrounding people's hearts with love." Because I think this world needs more love. Maybe you will doubt me and wonder how I can realize this difficult goal. I will still tell you firmly and seriously: "By loving them as much as possible!" That's all. Thanks for your reading!

翻译:亲爱的读者, 非常荣幸能和你们分享我的故事。在这次活动中,我是一名表演者兼志愿者。在练习的这段期间,虽然每天挤公交、烈日下行走,但与陌生或熟悉的人共同努力,却只让我记得其中的欢笑和快乐。因此,非常感谢这个团队以及老师们给我这样一个既丰富我的暑假生活又让我收获许多的机会!非常感谢他们! 其中,让我感触颇深的是一位女士。在接待外宾时,我有幸能和她交流。她问我:“通过参加这个活动,你有什么希望?”我回答道:“希望能提高我的口语水平,并且让我更加的自信。”她微笑着说:“你已经实现了这两个目标,你需要有更多的Hope。”然后,由于时间的原因,我们只能匆匆告别。 在回家的路上,我一直在思考我是否还有其他的Hope。我的回答是肯定的。如果现在有人问起我的Hope,我会坚定而认真的告诉他(她):“我小的希望是能提高英语水平以及变得更加自信;我大的希望是让我周围的人心中充满爱!”因为我认为这个世界需要更多的爱。也许他(她)会疑惑我将怎样实现这个艰难的目标,我仍然会坚定而认真地告诉他(她): “通过尽可能地爱他们!” 以上是我对本次活动的最大感受,感谢大家的阅读!