Global Inclusive Leadership Math Cafe 2016  (IV) successfully held in Dangang High School

13th November 2016  /  stem+ studio


The second Math Café Challenge of the term was held on Nov 13, 2016. More than 180 students formed their own teams to compete in the challenge. Using plastic cups, bamboo sticks and papers, students were challenged to come up with a form of protection for eggs to withhold the impact from a skateboard.

Source: Dagang High School

11月13日下午,举行本学期容领挑战项, 180多名同学积极参与到活动。 Thomas老师给同学们带来了新的任务:用塑料杯,竹签和纸设计出足够坚固的外壳,保护鸡蛋能够承受的住滑 板的冲击。  


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