Friendly or selfish

23rd April 2016  /  life upon life

one day.when i having lunch in a common restaurant.A begger came in and sat down near the window.His clothes are old and broken.He is so dirty.He used the little money to have lunch.some people around him went away.They didn't want to sit aloney to him.Suddenly,a young woman in red long coat shouted:"watier!why don't you forbid the begger from sitting there!He is so dirtu!I can't tolerate it!He should allow to came in.don't you know birds of a feather flock together?i feel uncomfortable and please let him go out.The begger gelt embarrassed and don't speak.The watier said:"sir,can you go away?"He still kept quiet.Then,a girl stood and speak loudly"madam,you can't let him go out.He is also a customer.He has rights to choose where to sit."the womangot angry:"I don't like him sit opposite me.He must go out or sit other place."A young man stood as well."well,the man can sit with me.madam,he is my friend and i think he can sit in this restaurant.You should respect him."Then he said to the begger:"You can sit there,do you have something to eat?What about same noodles?""Thank you!“The begger began to cry.Many people helped the begger and said the women is selfish.The woman ran out with a red face.There are many beggers in the society.They need help from other people.I wish the societr will be full of positive energy.鲍梦颖