A little thing一件小事

23rd April 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

Something happened--I was moved recently. One day my mother came to pick me at the east gate of the school. There was an old couple walked far away in front of us assisting each other. Suddenly, the old man slipped and fell down, and the grandma fell conveniently, too. At that time, there were a lot of people, some of them passed away, some pretended not to see, some stopped and watching, then went away. Some hesitated but didn’t pick them up.

I heard them say: "Now anyone dares to help them!  Maybe you will be framed to push them down in the end.” But at that moment, I saw mom quickly stepped forward and helped the grandma up first, and let her stand firm, then put up the grandpa. Then my mom helped them clean the dust on their clothes, and asked whether they hurt. At that time the couple said to my mom: "Thanks." My mom said: "You’re welcome." And she exhorted them to be careful.

I asked my mom: "Mom, aren't you afraid of them to frame you like newspapers and TV showed?" Mom said: "Help others in time if you see a difficult person, don't hold so much. Any family has old people, they will need to help sometimes. We do not live near to maternal grandparents, they will need others to help if they also encounter such difficulties." At that moment, my mom's words remind me. You help others when others need help, then you can get help when you need help. As long as you pay attention, you will find that there are moved things all around us.

Cheng Pan

最近就发生了一件令我感动的事。一天妈妈来学校接我回家,到了学校的东门。有两位老人拄着拐杖互相搀扶着走在我们前面较远的地方。突然,老爷爷脚下一滑,拌了一跤,老奶奶没站稳,顺势也摔了下去。当时,有很多人从他们身边经过,有点装作没看见,有点停下了看了一下就走开了,有点犹豫了一下还是没动手去扶起他们。我听见他们说:“现在这年头,谁敢去多管闲事啊!说不定到最后还说是你推倒的呢!”可是这时,我看见妈妈快步走上前去,先扶起老奶奶,让她站稳了,再伸手扶起来老爷爷。并帮他们排干净衣服上的灰尘,问他们有没有伤着哪里。这时两位老人连声对妈妈说:“谢谢。”妈妈说:“不用谢。”并嘱咐他们年纪这么大了,路上要小心。 我问妈妈:“妈妈,你就不怕他们像报纸和电视上说的,冤枉帮助他们的人。”妈妈说:“看到有困难的人要及时伸出援助之手,不要顾忌这么多。谁家都有老人家,都会有需要帮助的时候。我们不在外公外婆身边,如果他们也遇到这样的困难,是不是也需要好心人的帮助呀!”这时,妈妈的一席话让我茅塞顿开。你在别人需要帮助的时候伸出援助之手,在你需要帮助的时候才能得到帮助。 只要你留心,就会发现,在我们身边,令人感动的事无处不在潘诚