23rd April 2016  /  life upon life

世界上有千百种爱,唯有母爱是最伟大的。即便你把整个世界都拿来,也无法超越母爱的伟大、无私、珍贵与纯洁。有这样一位母亲,自从她的儿子被医生宣布脑死亡之后,他的母亲就每天都会重复着一件事,那就是和她的儿子聊天,跟他说些有趣的故事,尽管她的儿子已浑然不觉,可她还是滔滔不绝地诉说着。他的母亲每天早上起来第一件事,就是给儿子熬粥,你可别看熬粥是一件小事,可对于脑死亡的儿子来说,却显得不一样。因为那些颗粒饱满的米粒,都是经他母亲精心挑选出来的。他的母亲总是小心翼翼地把米洗干净之后,然后放进一个瓦罐里,再倒上些沉淀过的水,用小火慢慢地熬着。粥熬好后,她小心翼翼地把粥倒进碗里,一边晃着脑袋,一边对着粥吹气,直吹到自己呼吸变困难了,粥也就便凉了。然后,她微笑地拿起汤匙喂给儿子吃,可儿子仍然闭着眼睛,漠然地拒绝了这一切。可她并不生气,依然微笑如昔。姜海洋Among various kinds of love, mother’s love is the greatest. Even the entire world can not be compared to its selflessness, nobleness, preciousness and purity. There was a mother who had kept on doing one thing every single day after being announced of her son’s brain death, which was talking to him and telling him funny stories continuously, though her son would probably never know. And the first thing to do every morning she woke up was to make porridge for her son, perhaps it was not much to be particular about, but it truly is as to a never waken-up son, since each single plump grain of rice was carefully picked out by his mother. After being cleaned, the rice was put into a crock with some purified water, and then boiled with soft fire. When the porridge was done, the mother would slowly pour it into a bowl, blowing a lot to cool the porridge, while shaking her head slightly from side to side. She kept blowing till having no strength to breathe, then she took out a spoon, trying feeding her son, smiling a lot. But the son’s eyes wouldn’t open, as if refusing all of this emotionlessly. However, the mother always wore a smile on her face,watching her son, and never got angry.Haiyang Jiang