When the door of refrigeration house closed当冷库的门被关上

23rd April 2016  /  life upon life

There was once a lady who worked in a meat-processing plant. One day, the door was shut up when she was carrying out the routine check in the refrigeration house and was locked inside unfortunately. No matter how hard she cried and knocked on the door, nobody could save her, since none of them knew what happened there. But five hours later, the door was suddenly opened by a securer, the lady was saved at last like a miracle. Later on, she asked the securer: “How did it happen since it was not your duty to open that door?” He explained: “I have been working here for nearly 35 years, nobody has ever noticed me though hundreds of people pass by every day, however, only you insist on greeting me every single day, which reminds me of whom I am. And on that day, you said hello to me as usual in the morning, but I didn’t receive your goodbye in the evening, so I decided to go into the plant to have a look.”

Jiali Shuai