23rd April 2016  /  life upon life

曾经认为,父亲是个感情迟钝的人。小时候放风筝,陪我的是我的母亲,捡风筝的是我的父亲。学习骑自行车,扶起摔倒的我的是母亲,站在一旁喊着让我爬起来继续的是父亲。小时候闯了祸,打我的是我的父亲,给我上药的是我的母亲。举办生日聚会,陪我吹蜡烛的,是我的母亲。替我吹气球的,是我的父亲。手指感染,上医院摘除坏指甲时微微颤抖地攥着我且反复告诉我别害怕的,是母亲,被我紧紧攥着且一声不吭的,是我的父亲。莫非是父亲不会表达感情,还是……肖天宇I once thought my father was blunted affect. When I was young, we flied a kite. My mother played with me, and father picked it up. When I learned to ride a bike, my mother lift up fallen me, my father stood by  and called me up to continue. When I made trouble in childhood, my father hit me and my mother applied medicine for me. When I celebrated birthday, my mother blew out candles with me and my father blew the balloons for me. When I got finger infection and had to go to the hospital to remove the bad nails, my mother held me with a little quiver and told me not to fear. Then I held tightly my father who was without a word. Is it possible that my father can’t express his feelings, or else?Tianyu Xiao