I love my parents

25th April 2016  /  life upon life

My parents gave me life in this world ,i love them the most.Expressing of loving parents do not need to pass a language that I love them whatever we can do some little things.In the father's Day,we can prepare a birthdays. On their birthdays,we don't need to buy gifts,but have to say happy birthday.When parents come home from work,we can hand them a cup of hot water to make them relax.We can help parents to share some of the housework,so that they have more time to rest.As part of the family,we should take active to do homework.If we readout,we should always contact them,fell them recent things of our own.Let them not worry about us.It is known to all our parents love is priceless,is not asking for anything.We should love them in return.But,parents can be very simple love.As long as the life of more concern to them.for them to have been very satisfied.Just do it基超