A warm call

25th April 2016  /  life upon life

After a test,I failed to pass it again.Icould not wait to call my mum to find comfort.Just 5s,she answered on the other side."My child.Have you had dinner?""Yeah,but...mum, I have something to tell you."I said in a low voice."I have got it.You have a test,right?But your maths.""Er...OK,I want to say that now that I am not so smart or geart.Please you and Dad do not treat me so well"I could not hold my tears down."No,dear.It was just a test.You should not pay more attention on it.But you need to work harder to go beyond yourself.You are still our baby.We will love you forever."I am a bad girl,right?""Cheer up,dear.You are the best inour mind.We only care about you health.And I am sorry for your tears.It is my fault.Sorry..."Now I really could not help myself to tear.I love you forever,Mum and Dad!Crisy