Global Inclusive Leadership

Global Inclusive Leadership Next Gen Program aims to develop the next generation to be ethical, purpose-driven and global-minded inclusive leaders.

A Program which inspires, motivates and empowers the next generation.

From a base of self-discovery and understanding, the Program inspires next generation to see greater possibilities, and motivates them to pursue a purpose greater than themselves. It empowers them to reach beyond their own immediate success towards significance within the local and global community.

Such a program is based on a strong set of values, which are the drivers in the development of character. Experience of the program and its activities enables skills to develop which help the next generation to have a sense of their own purpose and vision for the future.

The program reflects a holistic approach to education in which learning involves not only the head, but also the heart, and in which ideas and sentiments backed up by action and experience and reflective thinking, resulting in deep and well-rounded understanding.

Life Upon Life

“Life upon Life” is the principle that one person’s life can positively impact and inspire the lives of those around them in their local and global community.

“As they encounter unconditional love, they will learn to love unconditionally.”


The program is intended to be an open-platform which will continue to be developed in collaboration with world-class universities and international and local schools, as well as with multinational corporations, industry leaders, experts, global inclusive business leaders, friends and supporters.

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