Thoughts on the Inclusive Leadership Program 参加荣领活动感想

13th June 2016  /  life upon life, significant story, highlight

Those were just two sessions of self-study exercises at night. But they were filled with excitement and understanding. Though they were strangers, they came with bright smiles and with loving hearts. They gathered together here at the Lecture Hall for the sake of love and positive energy. Although those who shared their stories with us came from different parts of the world: Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Taiwan; they all came with one heart. 

Listening to the stories told in English or in Chinese made my heart leap. Of all the stories I listened to, the story about love touched me most. She said: “If you want to be successful, there are five important circles in your life.”

The first circle is family. Our family loves us forever. They are always there to help us. We can always count on them.

The second, friends. Of all the friends we make during our lifetime, how many can be counted as true friends? Friends always play an important role in our life. We need true friends.

The third, work. We all need to work to make a living, to improve on ourselves, to enjoy working, and to enrich our lives.

The fourth, health. Health is very important to us. Without health, everything else means nothing to us.

The last one, happiness. Happiness is indispensable in our life. Because of happiness, our life will be more blessed and splendid. 

Apart from the five circles, there was another bigger circle that enclosed seamlessly all the five circles. It was the circle of love. Because love enlivens all the lifeless words and warms up our heart. 

After having listened to all the stories, it seemed to me that I have known the world once again. I have found my purpose. I want to work hard for my future just like them.

Tingna Peng