Prof Paul Embrechts ETH Zurich visited Chongshi Girls' School 2016 苏黎世理工学院Embrechts教授访问崇实女中

20th October 2016  /  news, leadership challenges, highlight

Professor Paul Embrechts of ETH Zurich, Switzerland visited Chongshi Girls’ High School, along with Dr. Violet Lo and IBL Fellow Tom Parton. He gave an interesting speech about his life and career as a mathematician. The students really enjoyed talking with Professor Embrechts and Tom, and they were impressed by their interactive, equitable and democratic teaching approaches.

Source: Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls' High School  

国际容领中心创办人、英国剑桥大学卢雪芬博士,率瑞士苏黎士理工学院 Paul Embrechts 教授,国际容领新生代伙伴 Tom Parton 先生等一行4人,于10月21日下午冒雨访问镇江崇实女子中学。PauL Embrechts 教授和 Tom Parton 先生与学生互动,作了一场交流,恢谐的语言,平等民主的教学风格受到了女生的喜爱。 


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