Never Give Up 永不言弃 

2nd December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story, highlight

I finished elementary education at my hometown in a remote village. A total of just one hundred odd students in the six grades of the whole school, so it's not hard to imagine how poor my English was. 

I transferred to Dagang county when I was in the sixth grade. There happened to be an entrance exam. Whether I could stay or I should leave depended on the result of the exam. I still clearly remember how it was when the exam result was out: my English score was in te single digits. I can't describe how I felt when my mind went blank. Fortunately, even though my English score was so poor, my math score was good and so I managed to get a place in the school. 

At the beginning of the school, my English teacher accidentally asked a few students who changed school about their English scores. At that moment her disappointed and hopeless look made a deep impression on me. Then I thought, what can I do next ? Give up? 

My answer was ”No”. 

I can not remember how much I was involved in English learning but just know that my English improved a lot from close to zero points, to the basic level, to good and eventually became excellent. Finally I got 95 points in English at the sixth-grade graduation examination: a perfect ending of my campus learning life. 

I had endured hardship, I had laughed, I had been tired, I had shed tears, and I had been moved , I had experienced happiness. When the sweats of labour turned into the tears of joy, I changed from a student who only had a very basic level of English, to a top student and stand on the stage of intensive training classes of Dagang High School. 

This is a true story of sorrows and joys. Writing this story is just to tell all people who learn with low self-esteem. Don't be afraid. The ugly duckling will become a swan, Cinderella will marry the prince in the end. After all the tears, the struggles, and the pains, you will eventually turn into a swan, and have a unique and perfect ending. 

Piaopiao Hu

我小学是在老家上的,老家是个偏僻的小村庄,小学六个年级总共就一百来号人,所以不难想象我那时的英语有多差。我是六年级转来大港的,那时刚入学有一个过关考试,从而决定我的去留。我仍清晰地记得当初成绩出来时候的情景 ,英语,个位数。我无法描绘当时的内心感受,脑海里只剩一片灰暗。 托数学的福,我还是进入了那座学校。开学初,英语老师偶然间问了一下我们几个转学生的英语成绩,我至今仍记得那时她给我的眼神,那么的失望,以及,无可救药。然后怎么办呢?放弃吗?不,我没有。忘记中间究竟有多疯狂学习,我只知道,我的英语成绩从原来的个位数,到及格线,再到良好,最后变成了优秀。六年级毕业考,我以95分的成绩给英语交上了一份完美的答卷。当初苦过,笑过,疲惫过,流泪过,也感动过,幸福过,最后的最后,辛勤的汗水变成了喜悦的泪水,我从一个英语白痴变成了如今的尖子生,站在港中强化班的舞台上。这是一个真实的故事,有过苦涩也有欢笑。写这个故事,我只想告诉每个曾为学习而自卑的人。别害怕,丑小鸭最后会变成天鹅,灰姑娘最后嫁给了王子,而当你们哭过,累过,疼过,最后,终将会蜕变成天鹅,获得一个独属于你们的,完美结局。