Love in transmission. 爱,在传递

23rd April 2016  /  life upon life, significant story, highlight

During my summer vacation, I went to school by bus every day for extra lessons. One day at a certain stop, an old man got on the bus when it was crowded with passengers. I had taken a seat at the start of the bus route when there were only few passengers. The old man was squeezed next to me. I found his hair gray, and his face full of traces of life. I offered my seat to him, he said thank you to me. 

After a while, at the next stop, there came an elderly lady holding a little kid with her left hand, and carrying something else in her right hand. Though a few passengers had got off, the bus was still very crowded. She was pushed to my side. At that moment, the old man to whom I gave up my seat, did not hesitate to offer his seat to her. She was very grateful. 

When people are overwhelmed with gratitude in their hearts, they would also help others with a grateful heart. Love is in transmission! 

Yuting Wu

在暑假期间,我每天都要乘公交车去补习。那一天,在某一站上来了一位老人。这时车上已经挤满了人,而我由于是在起始站上的车,那时车上没有多少人,所以我有座位。那位老人被挤来挤去,挤到了我旁边。他的头发已是黑少白多,脸庞上满是岁月的痕迹。我起身给他让了座,他感激地说谢谢。过了一会儿,到了下一个站台,又上来一位带着小孩的老人,她左手抱着小孩,右手拎着东西。公交车上的人虽然刚下了一点,可还是很拥挤,她又被挤到了我身边。这时,我让座的那位老人,毫不犹豫的起身,将座位让给了她,她,满脸感激。 因为人们心中存着感激,所以他们怀着感恩的心去帮助他人,爱,在传递!