Make the most of it, while we are still young!年轻,趁现在!

2nd December 2015  /  life upon life, highlight, significant story

Young as we are, we’re always impatient. We don’t know that the most cherishable page in the book of our life is hidden deeply in our heart. Only when the years have long gone do we realize what we’ve missed. Only at that moment while brimful with tears, we paid tribute to the bygone youth.

At the age of sixteen, we are full of youthful spirit and our days seem to be all bright and colourful. However, everyone has his or her own regrets. I have always been a quiet girl not willing to or good at talking to others. Many of my relatives consider me an introverted girl, and others may classify me as a person “unable to talk”. When I went to school, I was even quieter in the face of a group of strangers. I didn’t dare to raise my hand and I dreaded the moment when the teacher would ask me questions and I would be too embarrassed to speak a word. 

Because of excuses like this, I had lost far too many chances to express myself and had lost lots of life’s treasures. I still have regrets when I think back on these lost chances. Fortunately for me, my relatives, teachers and classmates exerted an imperceptible influence on me. Though I still feel nervous today, I have taken my first step and overcome myself to some extent. Here I stand in the large beautiful campus, where I’m going to spend three years that are especially important in my lifetime. 

Maybe I will be sad, discouraged, suffering and confused during these three years, but I won’t allow my youth to deviate from the right track and I won’t allow there to be too many regrets in my youth. I don’t have wild ambitions, however, I do have the enthusiasm to repay society. After having listened to the lecture of “Inclusive Leadership Challenge”, I was greatly moved. And maybe my heart is fragile, since I feel sad to see the withering grass, I will weep over the passing of life, and I will be heartbroken to see the poor children who can’t go to school. So I hope I can succeed in my efforts and then repay society and help those who are in need.

Not all memories are happy, and not all people are worthy of being remembered. The river of time never stops flowing forwards, and most people and memories will be washed away. However, only youth remains there in the bottom of the river, becoming indelible beautiful memories! 

Make the most of it, while we are still young!

Huixuan Wang