I Love You 我爱你

28th June 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

I remember the teacher used to assign a homework: to say “I love you” to our parents and write a composition. That night, I delayed saying this sentence to my father, because this way of expression did not lead to my kind of my pleasure. As time went by, I finally got the courage to come to my father. I looked at my father; he looked at me in doubt. I hesitated for a long time before I finally shouted to the father: “Dad, I love you.” 

My father turned out to be stricken dumb with amazement, then was very surprised when he looked at me. After a while, he laughed. I was very surprised to find tears in his eyes, but they did not drop from the eyes. Then my father said to me, “I love you too.”. I could feel that my father was very excited. Really guilty, I realized that it was my father that had been always concerned about me, but I didn’t really care about him. 

I think that the real purpose of the job is to tell us not to forget to care for our family. And that day I realized that no matter where we are, whatever we do, parents are around us and in our blood and soul all the time 

Hanyang Xin