First Leadership Roundtable

29th March 2017  /  leadership roundtable, news, highlight

training the trainers

The first ever “Training the Trainers Leadership Roundtable” took place on March 30th at Dagang High School. IBL Director Violet Lo covered the topics of leadership and unconditional love. The participants included the members of the “Excellent Leadership” team from the teachers at the School which was formed after the school’s successful application for the Jiangsu Province 13th Five-Year Plan Key Projects: “Training Rural High School Students for Excellent Leadership with Inclusive Culture.”


3月30日晚,国际容领“培养培训者领导能力圆桌会议”在江苏省大港中学国际容领中心会议室举行。 卢博士亲自为参会人员开讲“卓越领导力培养”课程。省港中于去年成功申请了江苏省十三五重点课题《以包容文化引领农村普通高中学生卓越领导力培养的研究》,参与本次培训的老师全部是此课题组成员。