Global Inclusive Leadership: The inaugural Event 国际容领第一次活动

30th November 2014  /  news

On the morning of November 30th, the inaugural event successfully rolled out. The students and teachers from Nanjing International School visited Dagang High School, where the students were challenged to arrange and take the guests on a cultural trip in Dantu District. 12 students from Grade 11 and Grade 12 were responsible for the reception and promotion of the event. During the preparation period, the reception team gathered to discuss the itinerary plan, including visits to the Zhenjiang Vinegar Museum and Mifu Calligraphy Garden. Meanwhile, the marketing team wrote the script for that travel log.

During the event, the students, under the guidance of their mentors, coordinated the entire event enthusiastically, which received the compliments of the visiting teachers and students. Despite the high praises, the students also reflected about what they have done well and areas for improvement, expressing their happiness in this personal growth journey.

Source: Jiangsu Province Dagang High School







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