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“Every valley shall be raised up”

Inclusive Business Lab and Inclusive Business Foundation work together to create an ecosystem that addresses systemic poverty and rich-poor gap issues.



Inclusive BusinessCreating inclusive economic opportunities though glocal value-chains. Learn more Global Inclusive LeadershipDeveloping transformational leadership and next generation inclusive leaders who are ethical, purpose-driven and global-minded. Learn more


The success of our platform, a diversified ecosystem, is built upon global partnerships and collaboration across different sectors, including world-class universities and educational institutions, business and industry sectors, governments and third sector. Keeping standards high is important, “Only the Best” serves as a useful motto in this respect: we bring the world-best and make it available to all.

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HIGHLIGHT: Global Inclusive Leadership Next Gen Program Opening Zhenjiang 国际容领新生代人才培养项目开幕式23 Julynews, highlight, life upon lifenewsFirst Leadership Roundtable29 Marchleadership roundtable, news, highlightnewsBuilding dykes and building bridges 23 Octoberleadership challenges, news, highlightnewsWINNIE 李彦蓉 Dear readers, It's an honor to share my story with you. In this activity, I was a performer and volunteer. During the practice time, I had to cram onto a bus and walk under the burning sun, but17 Octoberlife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryNew centre opening attracts media attention 24 Julynews, highlightnewsI Love You 我爱你 I remember the teacher used to assign a homework: to say “I love you” to our parents and write a composition. That night, I delayed saying this sentence to my father, because this way of expression28 Junelife upon life, highlight, significant storystoryCross the darkness and embrace the dawn 穿越黑暗,迎来黎明  Here is my favorite passage: “Every snow flake in the world is beautiful, they fall into everyone’s heart, no matter you are rich or poor, no matter you are best or worst. Each snowflake falls occasionally28 Junelife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryCaring for animals is a kind of love The earth is the common home for mankind and animals. Animals are humans' partner. But because of excessive hunting, there are now fewer animal species in the world. Hundreds of species of animals have26 Junelife upon life, highlightstoryDEEP MOTHER LOVE Every child is surrounded by deep motherly love. However, we often turn a blind eye to this love. One day, I hurried home for lunch after school, because there would be an exam in the afternoon and I26 Junelife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryMy friendship I am a common student in school. I have many friends, but I seldom talk with them, I think speech is silver, silence is gold. My mother often encourage me to communicate and play with my friends. Over26 Junelife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryThe best way to learn English The best way of learning a language is using it. The best way of learning English is using it as much as possible. Sometimes you will get your words mixed up and people will not understand you.26 Junelife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryFriends Many times I have pondered over the years why we humans meet our dearest friends or bond so deeply with another person when we are most vulnerable. I think it is because when we face a life-threatening26 Junelife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryWhat's success成功是什么  I had a new definition for success after listening to their speeches. Success is based on love, determination and choices. Profit is the attachment of success, not the purpose. The film maker Liu Da Dao15 Junelife upon life, highlight, significant storystoryThoughts on Inclusive Leadership 容领挑战,回馈社会之思辨 Recently, I felt much honoured to attend a program of the “Global Inclusive Leadership: from Success to Significance”. I thought it was a program of great importance. There were six international friends15 Junelife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryThoughts on the Inclusive Leadership Program 参加荣领活动感想 Those were just two sessions of self-study exercises at night. But they were filled with excitement and understanding. Though they were strangers, they came with bright smiles and with loving hearts.13 Junelife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryA Story of Love爱的故事  One day after school, it rained but I didn’t bring an umbrella. I took shelter from the rain under the shed of the porter’s lodge waiting to leave when the rain let up a bit. I waited and as usual I kept30 Maylife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryHeart linking heart, no national boundaries 心与心,无国界 When I was young, I thought there were only two countries in the world: China and a foreign country. I thought foreigners were serious and hard to communicate with, but I learned about Henry Norman Bethune[1]30 Maylife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryThe wings of a butterfly 蝶翅 What is running? Running is a movement of two feet alternately keeping going straight to the destination. What is running? Running is a kind of positive attitude of rushing to the target without25 Aprillife upon life, highlight, significant storystoryLove in transmission. 爱,在传递 During my summer vacation, I went to school by bus every day for extra lessons. One day at a certain stop, an old man got on the bus when it was crowded with passengers. I had taken a seat at the23 Aprillife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryFather 父亲 I grew up spoiled and had never left home once nor ever lodged in school. I had never suffered wrongs. My parents always took good care of me. So I did not adapt to a new environment easily, and was not23 Aprillife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryNever Give Up 永不言弃  I finished elementary education at my hometown in a remote village. A total of just one hundred odd students in the six grades of the whole school, so it's not hard to imagine how poor my English was. 2 Decemberlife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryGrow Up 成长 It always made me feel sad when listening to the song “The days on the Beijing East Road” [1]. Seeing certain photos or the mere mention of some past events always reminds us of those once painful memories.2 Decemberlife upon life, highlight, significant storystoryRemember how tough and brave he is 记得他的坚强,勇敢  A car accident changed my life when I was a junior high school student. At a crossroad, the car run a red light rushing for the sake of saving a few seconds. While I was walking across the road, the car2 Decemberlife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryPass on the love 将爱传承下去  When I started high school, I went home less frequently and hardly saw my parents. I saw my father was very busy every time I went home. At first I thought my father was busy with work. I grew more curious2 Decemberlife upon life, significant story, highlightstoryI’m a left-behind child, and I’m not afraid. 我是留守儿童,我不害怕! I don’t know how many left-behind children there are in the world, but I do know they can’t be a minority. I’ve been one of them since I was in grade two. I used to feel disgusted with the term. It somehow2 Decemberlife upon life, highlightstoryMake the most of it, while we are still young!年轻,趁现在! Young as we are, we’re always impatient. We don’t know that the most cherishable page in the book of our life is hidden deeply in our heart. Only when the years have long gone do we realize what we’ve2 Decemberlife upon life, highlight, significant storystoryDon't let your love become a distant care 不要让你的爱,变成遥远的牵挂 My aged grandpa is no longer flexible and he talks less since last serious illness. Tall as he was, he now has shrunk into a stoop old man, which is of utter difference to what he used to be like that1 Decemberlife upon life, highlightstoryBridge桥  Over the years, time went by in a hurry, like running water, carving marks in my father’s face. Father has enjoined me not to forget contribute to the society. Certainly, I am supposed to. After all,1 Decemberlife upon life, significant story, highlightstory