The Beginning of STEM+ Challenges 国际容领STEM+挑战 于南京纽约理工学院举办

13th April 2015  /  news, leadership challenges, stem+ studio

On the afternoon of April 12th 2015, 26 students from Dagang high school made their way to New York Institute of Technology to participate in the very first STEM+ challenge.

The challenge began with an introduction to the institution itself from Tony and the objectives of the challenge. After the talk, Mr Frank Fei from Mersen (China) also gave a lecture on The Use of Energy and Computer Science. Students were then challenged to discuss the topic and present their ideas.

This 5-hour-long challenge was an eye-opening experience. Having to communicate in English entirely and exchange opinions on interesting topics as well as completing challenging tasks made the day full of excitement. The students expressed that this has ignited their passion and ambition.

Source: Jiangsu Province Dagang High School


首先,学生们听取了纽约理工学院南京校区的主管Tony先生关于纽约理工学院办学特色及本次活动的主旨的介绍,接着,听取了来自美尔森(中国)投资公司的Frank FEI 先生有关“能源利用与计算机科学”的专题讲座。最后,学生们按照事先分好的三个兴趣组——商务组、工程技术组、媒体和摄制组,就所给的话题进行了充分讨论和准备,并在规定的时间里完成了主题阐述。展示结束后,Tony先生对同学们在活动中的表现进行了点评。



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