The Love from a Stranger陌生人的爱

1st December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story

Once I thought that only familiar friends will be warm to you, but I was wrong. The friendship between people are beautiful, a little kindness of strangers can make your heart a flower blooming. Yesterday I go to the washroom, after bath and wear clothes, I prepared to take the shoes back to the dormitory, but I found a "burly" girls just standing in front of the lockers next to me. Because of people walking back and forth, my shoes have moved to the ground next to the locker, and she was apparently unaware of its existence. I stared at the back of her head, water dripping along with her hair, arms are wet. It must be a long time to wait for her to finish, I am in a hurry, so I said loudly to her: "Excuse me, classmates, do you please move away for me?" 

She immediately stopped  and quickly moves to one side. I squatted down to take the shoes, but my shoelace unexpectedly hook to the nails of storage content, and that place was small space below, shoes can’t move. I am upset and try a few times, and failed. At that time, the girl next to me also squatted down, and stretched out carefully to help me get out of the shoe, and finally succeeded. Air was cool in early winter, but she didn’t wear clothes, westerly wind through the window gap blew into the bathroom, people would chatter, not to mention her stained with drops of water. I never thought that there would be someone to help me, but she, a completely stranger, didn’t sit on the sidelines, and with enthusiasm to help me. This was indeed a surprise and a moved to me, the strangers can also have a good friendship. A small act of kindness warm throughout the rainy season, I would like to take this memory and loaded into the back of the pack, when I encountered the life in the winter, it can melt the ice of my heart.

Min Ji