Little city Big love小城大爱

1st December 2015  /  life upon life

曾经,有一位女同学,她的成绩总比我好一点。我拼命努力,却总是比她差一点。体育中考期间,她的脚崴了,说实话,刚得知这个消息时,我有些高兴,因为我终于可以当一次全班第一了。然而,她哭了,哭得很伤心,撕心裂肺。是啊!平白无故地少了40分,谁能不伤心呢?我也不再高兴了,感到悲伤,对她有些同情。我的心告诉我应该去帮助她,我温柔地对她说:“你还是回家休息吧,回家后你的脚可以更快的恢复。而且你成绩那么好,落下几天的课程也没什么事。况且适当的休息更有利于考试的发挥,我相信你一定能够取得好的成绩,祝你成功!她抬起头,看了我一眼,又点了点头,说了声:“谢谢!”后来,她回家了,好好休养了一段时间后回到了学校。果然她在体育中考中获得了满分,并以优异的成绩考入了一中。我,仍然是第二名。但这一次,我感到很开心。在我的帮助下,别人取得了成功,赠人玫瑰,手留余香!在毕业典礼上,那位同学上台发言,特意提到了我的帮助。我感到心里美滋滋的。是啊,成绩固然很重要,然而一个人的素质是更重要的。我们要将自己的爱传递给更多的人!没错,镇江是个小城市,但也是个有大爱的地方。Little city big love!只要每个人都伸出援助之手,世界就会充满爱。周启航I used to have a classmate whose grades were always better than me, no matter how hardly I tried. But when the PE entrance exam was around the corner, she twisted her feet. To be honest, I even felt glad to hear about it at first, since I finally got the chance to be number one of the class. However, she cried, cried heartbrokenly. No wonder that she would be so grieved cause 40 scores would probably be lost as a result of her injury. And I didn’t feel glad anymore, in reverse I felt a pity for her. A voice inside my body told me to help her so I gently comfort her : “ You’d better go home and rest for several days, that will help a lot with your recovery. On the other hand, you are clever enough to catch up with us , and proper rests may facilitate you doing better during the exam. I believe in you that you are doomed to succeed in the end ! Best wishes for you! “ She raised her head and looked at me, then nodded and said thanks. Later on , she came back school again after several days’ rest at home. As expected, she had achieved full scores in the PE entrance exam and was eventually admitted to the First senior high school. As for myself, I was still in the second place. But this time I felt delighted from the bottom of my heart since she finally succeeded with my help. Send one person a rose and your hand leaves lingering fragrance! In the graduation ceremony, she specifically mentioned my name in her presenting. How happy I was to be appreciated by others. It’s true that a person’s grade matters, but what matters more was his or her quality. We all shall pass our love to others! It’s true that Zhenjiang is a small city, but it’s also where there is big love. As long as everyone lends a helping hand, the whole world will be filled with love.Qihang Zhou