Thoughts on Inclusive Leadership 容领挑战,回馈社会之思辨

15th June 2016  /  life upon life, significant story, highlight

Recently, I felt much honoured to attend a program of the “Global Inclusive Leadership: from Success to Significance”. I thought it was a program of great importance. There were six international friends who were either foreigners or overseas Chinese. They came from different parts of the world and were all very successful in their own fields. 

Each took part and made a speech in turn. Some of these speeches were full of excitement and passion, and some were deeply moving. In all, as the old saying goes, 'I learn more from listening to what you have to say during one conversation than from reading books for ten years’. Here are my thoughts and my understanding of these speeches. 

Firstly, my thoughts on making choices. Making choices was the topic of the overseas Chinese lady’s speech. She inspired us by telling us her life story. As she said, “Life is as short as that of a mayfly.” During our short life, everyone must make lots of decisions regardless of the consequences. But please do persevere because no one can make the right decision every time, so be brave and move on.

Secondly, my thoughts on misfortune. Misfortune might be a blessing in disguise. This topic is the summary of what I have learned from director Da Dao Liu. No sooner had he started his speech than I thought he was just like the legendary frontiersman Sai Weng who lost his horse. What he wanted to tell us is that life is full of chances and miracles. Stick to your dreams and keep trying. Do not complain about minor setbacks which may surprise you with hidden blessings.

Thirdly, my thoughts on love. Love can be inclusive of everything. It is the source of power. There are five circles of love: education, friends, work, family and health. In her opinion, these five circles are equally important. They can be put together and made into one thing: love. Everything comes from love. After I thought about it over and over again, I came to the conclusion that she was right. We have been struggling and fighting for different kinds of love. Love is like a circle which is endless. We can draw endless power from love. So let us place love first in the roads ahead.

Those are my thoughts. 

Wen Yue