Kindness on a bus. 爱的公交车

2nd December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story

I can still remember that day when it happened. I was on a slow and bumpy bus. Suddenly an old man came on. He stood beside the fare box trying so hard to find the coins in his pockets but he couldn't. I guessed he hadn't brought any money so he became so anxious. People on the bus were getting impatient. The driver couldn't start driving  for fear that the old man would fall. So the driver was just urging him. Then whispers and talks started. It looked like he had no choice and he was ready to get off. Just then, a woman standing in the back walked to the old man and stopped him and paid his fare. He looked at her gratefully and said :"Thank you, young lady!" "My pleasure!" said the young lady. The noise and complaints stopped immediately and it became very quiet. I was so touched and I stood up from my seat and gave it to him. He said thanks over and over again. Then the bus kept going on a plain road. Zhang Zhilong