DeRose visited Dagang High School & shared her family's China story Kathleen 女士到访港中并讲述她中国故事

16th April 2016  /  news, leadership challenges

American investment banker Kathleen shared her family story – an amazing story of four generations stretching back to the time of the two World Wars. In particular her great-grand father had fought for fair treatment for the Chinese people. It was a story of unconditional love and passion for China and the audience was deeply moved.

Source:Jiangsu Province Dagang High School 

4月17日,美国投资行业资深专家Kathleen女士应邀访问港中, Kathleen女士介绍了她的家族与中国结下的不解, 特别是她的曾祖父,曾经在一战后以及二战期间,都积极努力为中国争取公平的待遇,热心帮助灾难中的中国和中国人民。   


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