Prof. Ian White from the University of Cambridge visited Chongshi Girl's High School 剑桥大学副校长 Ian White 教授到访崇实女中

22nd July 2016  /  news

Professor and Mrs Ian White visited Chongshi Girls’ High School, along with Dr. Violet Lo, Founder of IBL. They toured the beautiful campus and the classrooms for extracurricular activities and were very impressed by the history and development of the school.

Source: Zhenjiang Chongshi Girls' High School 

2016年7月23日下午,英国剑桥大学执行副校长伊恩·怀特(Ian White)夫妇、国际容领创办人卢雪芬博士等一行4人访问镇江崇实女子中学。怀特教授对女中学生社团活动室、美丽的校园、悠久的办学历史连声表示赞叹。  


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