Remember how tough and brave he is 记得他的坚强,勇敢 

2nd December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story, highlight

A car accident changed my life when I was a junior high school student. At a crossroad, the car run a red light rushing for the sake of saving a few seconds. While I was walking across the road, the car ran in flashing speed and hit right at me and knocked me down. I stroked my right leg but I couldn’t feel it. I was numb. 

Soon afterwards, I was admitted to a hospital. I managed to keep my right leg under doctor’s care. But it was a severe fracture and hard to recover. I was disheartened when I imagined I would have to rely on crutches and wheelchairs for the rest of my life. I gave up the idea of going to school and would let myself sink low all the way. Then I saw him when I went to school to say goodbye for the last time. We shared the same fate though we didn’t know each other. He was also one of the victims in that car accident. The difference between us was that he was strong and brave, but I wanted to escape. 

He played and had fun with his classmates. In PE classes, I saw from his eyes that he was longing for running which deeply impressed me. I wanted to change myself and I went out of my home, I tried to walk without crutches. I felt sad then, but I felt relieved when I recovered gradually. I went back to school last year. My life in the school was not convenient at the beginning, but I was full of confidence as soon as I thought about him. 

Now I can walk without crutches and wheelchairs gradually when I am in my second year in high school this year. Since last month, I have been able to walk with my two legs. I am satisfied even though I can’t walk fast. I’ll keep on walking as along as I remember how tough and brave he is.

Wentian Wang