An International Summer for Nantong Jinsha Middle School Students (V)           南通金沙中学的“国际范”暑假 (五)       

29th July 2018  /  news, stem leadership week

Night fell as the closing ceremony ended. We were already on our way back. The past week was truly a learning experience. We wish to thank everyone who was involved in this program--Jinsha Middle School for allowing the students to challenge and improve themselves; our students for going all out, working together and putting the school's interest first; and the organizers for their help and coordination. This year's STEM+ Leadership Week has come to an end, and it has been an extraordinary week for everyone. Wish everyone a unique future!

Source: Nantong Tongzhou Jinsha Middle school

随着闭幕式结束,夜幕降临,我们乘车走在回程的路上,这七天得到了很多的帮助和提升,要感谢所有一起参与的人和单位,感谢金沙中学给与学生锻炼自我,提升自我的机会,感谢孩子们全程全力以赴,团结协作,处处以金沙中学团体利益为重,也感谢承办单位的各方面的帮助协调,此次“国际容领新生代人才培养—2018 stem+领导力培训周”暑期研学活动圆满结束了,每一个人都经历了非凡的一周,未来,愿你我都不一样的精彩!


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