Don't give up 永不放弃

23rd April 2016  /  life upon life, significant story

I and my teammates took park in “mayor’s cup” football competition in middle school, a group of active teenagers started off. 

We didn’t know how strong our opponents were. In the first round, they made the football alive at their feet, it was difficult for us to capture it. The football rolled to the forbidden zone, and I was nervous. Suddenly, their striker turned it back and their capture inserted vacancy, he kicked it in the net, he made the score 1:0. We didn’t realize he would make a goal suddenly, we were shocked. But they were like splitting bamboo, and the score was 3:0.

We were quiet and discouraged at break. I thought I had to do something as the capture before the second half.I gathered them, but we didn’t dare to look straight at each other. I raised my hand and said ”together!” a dozen hands put together and said” Fighting! Fighting!” I said again” Fighting!” we lived back, I saw morale in their eyes. 

In the second half, we tried our best and got two scores. We smiled in the sunset. Even though we lost the match, we encouraged each other, we stood up from setback and overcame ourselves.

Tianfan Zhou