Father 父亲

23rd April 2016  /  life upon life, significant story, highlight

I grew up spoiled and had never left home once nor ever lodged in school. I had never suffered wrongs. My parents always took good care of me. So I did not adapt to a new environment easily, and was not used to living alone.

One month after I started high school, I was just the same as I had been. I didn’t talk all day long and was always late for meals. I was absent-minded and stared blankly in classes. My grades seemed to be plummeting. I spent much time talking with my parents over the phone every night, and I couldn’t help crying. I knew my parents must have worried sick about me. 

One Sunday, my parents brought me lunch. At twelve noon, my father walked downstairs with me to the front of the teaching building and waved me goodbye. I felt so sad when I took a few steps upstairs. I turned back and saw my father went far away. I carried on going upstairs and I stared blankly in the classroom. I ran to the dormitory after school, suddenly I heard someone calling my name in a familiar voice. Then I saw my father and I was happy.

We went to the dining room to have dinner. I bought two bowls of noodles and ate heartily with my father. I couldn’t help asking why he visited me again. He said “I saw you turned back at noon and you were sad, so I want to look at you. I was just worried that you would not have dinner again.” I was so moved that words could not express my feelings. I thought he didn’t notice when I turned back because he had gone far away.

My home is very far away from my school. It takes more than 40 minutes by bike. I don’t want my parents to worry about me, but my father cares about me more deeply than I think.

Feiyang Xu