Don't hesitate.爱,不需要犹豫

1st December 2015  /  life upon life

Sometimes a certain thought at a certain moment can make up for so many regrets. It was a summer day. My mom and I were shopping when we heard a sudden scream. It came from an aged man who had just fallen on the escalator with a little baby in his arms. We rushed to the escalator and tried to help him but the running escalator nearly brought us down. I hurried down to press the emergency button. At the same time, a young man ran to the old man and helped him get up. Then the crowd gathered and all showed their kindness. The old man kept saying thank you when my mom gave back the crying baby to him. It's been years since that day, but I've never forgotten. I'm so glad we helped someone who was in great trouble. It was a very important life lesson to me when I was too young to understand that we shouldn't hesitate when we have to help.

Wu Mengyu