You Have Been In My Heart你一直在我心中

1st December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story

I was a girl with low self-esteem. I used to hide myself in the corner reading a book, sometimes silently watching the students do slapstick. I was neither pretty nor excellent. I didn’t have a proud family background. Therefore, the teachers didn’t like me and no students paid attention on me. I didn’t seem to exist in that harmonious family. As a result, I hadn’t said a few words throughout the semester. Once after school, I walked with my head down as usual on the way home. A naughty boy in my class rushed in front of me, shouted loudly: “Are you a dumb?” with sarcasm in his voice.  The students walking around us stopped to watch us. I looked up at him awkwardly, with mouth tightly shut. 

A girl in my class couldn’t stand, and said angrily to him: “You’ve gone too far, it’s none of your business she don’t speak.” Then she looked to me, with very tender tone she said: “You should say to him to listen, prove you're not a dumb.” I was brewing for a long time, but did not say a word finally. Then I clearly saw the disappointment in her eyes. In fact, I really wanted to say thank you to her. From then on, the girl often actively found me to chat, took me into her circle. Her behavior slowly melted my inferiority and solitude. I started to talk to classmates actively, and display great initiative in answering teachers’ question. As a result, my grades got better gradually, then I became a good student in teachers’ eyes. Afterwards, we went on the road to different schools. We may never meet each other again in the future, but she has been in my heart.

Yao Yang