Love more, be loved more多一点爱,多一点被爱

1st December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story

I used to have a dog. He was the last one I had. He was very clever, and seemed to understand me very well. He had always been there for me when I was growing up. Once I failed an exam and I was very frustrated. Then my dog just dragged me and looked at me very sincerely as if he was saying: "Please don't be sad.Let's play!" I could see from his eyes that he was sad too and he was comforting me like a friend. I almost cried. I touched his head and he wagged his tail. We became very attached to each other after that. Together we explored the world, discovered new things and looked forward  to our bright future. I said to him that we would always be together and I would never leave him. He seemed to understand what I said. However, as we know, a dog's life is very short. So was our happiness. I cried so hard for a long time after he was gone. That was the first time I dealt with death. I cried whenever I thought of him. To my greatest regret, I didn't get to see him for the last time. After his death, I took in some stray dogs and then gave them back to their owners. I find it hard to believe that there are terrible people who steal dogs for money. I don't even want to imagine how those dogs will end up. I hope all of us can be good to our animal friends. They have their own feelings, just like we do. Sometimes they are even better than us! Love more, be loved more.

Wu Sidan