The wings of a butterfly 蝶翅

25th April 2016  /  life upon life, highlight, significant story

What is running? Running is a movement of two feet alternately keeping going straight to the destination. 

What is running? Running is a kind of positive attitude of rushing to the target without turning back. 

What is running? Running is a kind of torture for me. At least, once I thought so.  

“Ah……”. A long lament spread on the playground. 

“Running again?” “Oh my god! "My poor legs!” 

“Call again! Ten laps!” The teacher’s lion-like roar scared us, even the chivalrous person who was chivalrous and fearless at ordinary times dare not to have any complaint. 

“Today it’s an exam. Who don’t run will get zero point!” heard what the teacher said, I felt rather cold in my heart. So then we unwillingly started the route of Long March. 

“Ready? Run!”. As the teacher commanded, I unwillingly stepped out. Along with the crowd, I wandered in the position of the middle or lower reaches of the Changjiang River and moved up the steps toward the endpoint step by step. I finished the first lap soon, but then my steps began to grow heavy.  My feet were like lead so that I couldn’t lift them. 

Looking at the sparse population in front of me, the first time I had been feeling hopeless. The time seemed to be stopped, even a second was so long to me. Thinking seemed to be not my own, I seemed to become a puppet mechanically moving forward. As if I only knew to move forward, and just couldn’t put down. 

I could only hear a symphony around played by breathing soaked with sweat. The sound of breathing was near. I was going to be transcended. I couldn’t help to gather the pace, getting closer to the end point. As if to escape from this nightmare, I lunged to the end. 

Running may be torture, it’s also a kind of experience. I should accept it and enjoy it. At least I think so now. If a butterfly doesn’t go through the agony of broken cocoon, it won’t have beautiful wings. If a meteor doesn’t fell across the sky, it won’t have a shining moment. 

When you try hard to overcome yourself in front of difficulties, you will find that what once stopped and bothered you are vulnerable after hard work. You will be grateful for your perseverance. 

Honghong Gu








望着前头稀稀落落的人群, 我第一次有了前途渺茫的感觉,时间仿佛定格了一般,连一秒都变得如此漫长,思维也似乎不是自己的了,我似乎变成了一个提线木偶,机械地向前移动着,我仿佛只知向前移动,怎么也停不下来了。只听见周围呼吸声浸透汗水奏出的交响曲,一阵呼吸声近了——我快被超过了!脚步不禁加快了起来,一米、两米,近了,更近了……仿佛是为了逃出这个噩梦,向终点扑去。