Help Others, not be afraid of Misunderstanding帮助别人,不要害怕误会 

1st December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story

This story happened in the past. Although it is seen on television, it deeply affected me. I saw a piece of news on TV, the news tells the story that a girl named Yueyue was pressed down by a car, there were a lot of people at there, but people nearby never stretched out their hands to help her. Finally, an old grandma picking up trash sended her to the hospital, and the little Yueyue left this world, died because of too heavy injury. I was thinking that the conscience of these people maybe was ate by the dog. As the Chinese people, is it so difficult to help compatriot? As long as there is a person of passers-by to help her, little Yueyue may not die, but there is no one to do so. If so, how do China become stronger, how to foothold in the world. So, from that time on, I decided to carry forward the positive energy, to do my best to help others, no matter being misunderstood or even wrong.

Xin Qian