On the Way在路上 

1st December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story

I have seen such a story: there was a outstanding girl, even though every day played noisy, her performance has been among the best. The girl’s deskmate was a very poor boy,  the basis of poor can be imagined. The girl has a clever mind, but the boy did not, so in addition to eat and sleep during such a necessary time, the rest of the time he has been learning to become his life. On the boy’s desk there was always heavy homework, seemed to always not finish writing. The girl looked down upon him: it was no use to be more diligent, he turned to be class countdown at last. Yes, in every exam the boy’s scores were unsatisfactory, every time he got the papers, boy stay frozen for a while, then turned the pages of a book and revised. Like that, every day when girls laughed and played with students, the boy was still in writing, and all the time. 

Suddenly one day, the model test results announced, the boy became ranking top twenty in the class and the girl was back to a dozen, so close! The boy's progress was beyond all expectations, but this was the fact, and that was he deserved. Battle of the college entrance examination, the boy admitted to a former university, which was out of reach for him before. I have been the last one in class, as him before, but I have not hard work like him. The facts have proved that diligence redeemed stupidity, but I didn't do like that boy did. Looking at a unsatisfactory exam paper, I did not have that kind of courage like him, and cannot face those graciously. Intentedness, diligent, conscientious, this was what I need. Even if the IQ is not high, but if I can insist on doing this, no one would dare to say that who will obtaining nothing at the last when pay off. As long as I work hard, now the results that I envy, will slowly close to. As long as they are in progress every day, this is enough. Do your best, and have a good time. At least, I'm on my way.

Qian Mei