The Migrant Workers农民工

1st December 2015  /  life upon life, significant story

Last week, my sister had not come to pick me up owning to busy, I go home myself by bus. There were a lot people on the bus, even to the extent that the crowded has pushed to the door. Several migrant workers with bags got up on the bus too, and stood in the back door of the bus. I felt a little unhappy with so crowded, thinking that there were many other buses to choose from, they can wait the next one. In order to drop off the bus, I pushed to the back door with difficulty, those migrant workers plugged my way to get down, it was too late for me to drop off when the bus had left away. “Wait a minute,” I said to the driver loudly, but he didn’t heard because of the crowded noisy. Then a sound rang out from a migrant workers, “Driver, there are people to drop off.” Then the driver stop the bus, those migrant workers got down, I felt surprised that they haven’t get down a moment ago. After I got down, they got on the bus again, then I knew the reason. I felt a warm current flowing in my heart. I also can’t help but feel ashamed for my own thoughts.

Qian Wang