Dagang High School's Pursuit of the Ideal Education 港中逐梦教育路上的坚守: 以国际容领新生代项目活动带动教育创新

28th August 2016  /  news, highlight

With the motto of “Life upon Life”, the Global Inclusive Leadership Centre officially launched at Jiangsu Province Dagang High School on the 24th July. The founder, Dr. Violet Lo hopes to encourage the students to discover their strengths and life purposes as well as inspiring the others. After a series of talks with leaders of various sectors, students became more confident in sharing their own life stories.

Dagang High also aims to transcend the intensity of the preparation for the university entrance examination (Gaokao) to a form of an “education drive”. After all, underneath the stress are the teacher’s and student’s goal, their diligence, resilience and enthusiasm. Besides that, the school provides different types of training and teaching for students at each level to ensure that the students maximise their academic potential while nurturing their talents in sports and the arts.

Moreover, Dagang High has also established a “mentorship program” for the final year secondary students, taking care of their wellbeing. This reforms the traditional barriers between teachers and students, thus making the learning environment more lively and friendly.

With the myriad of programs, it is no wonder that Dagang High is able to revolutionize the traditional, stressful education system into a more liberal one.

Source: Zhenjiang Daily